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Exciting New Exhibition

I'll be exhibiting

paintings in the new

Mercantile, Doylestown, PA

My New Display Booth

Taller, lighter, brighter! Finally my new display booth arrived and debuted this spring in Arlington, Virgina. This display booth is  taller than my old unit and has a dividing center wall that allows me to showcase work on both sides. It also has a longer awning to keep my artwork and my clients dry in less than ideal festival weather.

Bucks County, Pennsylvania

My home and studio are located in the heart of historic Bucks County just outside of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. I enjoy the countryside along with my lovely wife, Jane and my three bad cats: Max, Fritz and Artie. Peace Valley Park and Lake Galena are right across the road providing wonderful inspiration for many of my paintings.

A fall day at Lake Galena, Peace Valley Park
The view from my driveway
Downtown Doylestown Pennsylvania
The Mercer Museum and the James A. Michener Art Museum




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